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From preparations until the end of the evening,
Whether in photos or in video,
Immerse yourself in a wedding day with me!


The introduction of a wedding day through the preparations is a moment filled with excitement and anticipation, where every detail contributes to creating an atmosphere full of promises for the day ahead. In the early light of day, excitement fills the air as the bride and groom, along with their loved ones, prepare for the big day.

The preparations are marked by a multitude of activities, from the final touches of makeup and hair styling to the last adjustments of outfits, as well as moments of complicity shared between friends and family. It's a privileged moment where excitement builds up, emotions are palpable, and every moment is captured through the lens of photographers and videographers to create timeless memories of this promising start to the day.


The wedding ceremony is a sacred moment where two souls unite in front of their loved ones to seal their love and mutual commitment. In an atmosphere filled with emotion and solemnity, the couple exchange vows of eternal love, promising to love and support each other for the rest of their days.

Surrounded by their families and friends, they celebrate the union of their hearts in a symphony of joy and happiness. Every detail, from the choice of music to the readings, is carefully orchestrated to reflect the essence of their love and create precious memories that will last a lifetime.


The cocktail hour at a wedding is a joyful and convivial interlude that often follows the wedding ceremony and precedes the main meal. It's a time when guests come together to celebrate the happiness of the newlyweds by sharing refreshing drinks and delicious appetizers. In a relaxed and festive atmosphere, guests exchange congratulations, reconnect with friends and family, and engage in lively conversations.

The cocktail hour also provides an opportunity for the newlyweds to take a few moments of relaxation after the official ceremony, enjoy the company of their loved ones, and prepare for the festivities to come. It's a time of sharing and conviviality that marks the beginning of the wedding celebrations and creates warm and joyful memories for all participants.


Group photos at a wedding are essential as they capture moments with loved ones, creating lasting memories of this special day.

They bring together family and friends in immortal compositions that reflect the unity and joy of the occasion. These shots become precious treasures, reminding of the shared connection during this unforgettable event.


(Duration: average 30 minutes)